What have you learned this term?
How is your Report coming along?


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Eric Cortes

I'm pretty happy with the topic I got for me Field Assignment because I'm able to say a lot about my topic and I can identify many areas where they cross over. I would be curious of knowing a bit more about the body.

Heidi L Jarvis

I am happy with my topics, there is an easy and obvious way to see my connections. The topic I am interested in is race and ethnicity is because it is so prevalent in our day to day lives. Living in America, there is a ton of different races and different types of people.

Yousef Sindi

I am feeling a lot happier and more comfortable with my topics now that I really had time to sit down and put the pieces together from my fieldwork. I would definitely be a little more curious on learning about capitalism.

Cole Herschbach

I am very happy with the topics I ended up choosing. From listening to all the topics I feel like the ones I chose go together really well which benefits my fieldwork and adds more detail and ideas to my paper. One topic I am probably most curious about is race and ethnicity. I feel like there could've been a lot of info and research that I could've done

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